About us

x-Klusive was founded by Astrid and Jasmine in January 2013.

x-Klusive is an online web store based in Singapore which offers K-POP fans a cheaper source of getting hold of limited/rare goods only available in Korea. All items are gotten via our supplier in Korea, which I had located using my connections of friends there and finally, we met at a compromising step of her supplying items to Singapore. Although this shop may be young and inexperience compare to many big online KPOP stores out there, we sincerely hope you would guide us along in getting to the best x-Klusive can be.

This is a newly-established online shop, so please help us spread the words! As you can see, we do not have many items listed in our site yet, but if you do have any items in mind you wish to purchase, feel free to contact us and we’ll quote you the price.

We promise to work even harder and bring the best we could offer to everyone. Thank you for giving us your support!

Our blogshop items are also available at HAKO@Nex


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