(1) Where do I get the limited items from?
All items are imported straight from Korea.

(2) What are the paying methods?
Singapore buyers – ATM/Bank Transfer or Cash Deposit -> strictly no concealed cash don’t want any of us to risk.
Overseas buyers – Paypal only. Buyer will have to pay an additional of 3.9% + $0.50 for transaction fee.

(3) Are the items inclusive of the shipping fees?
No, if you opted for delivery there is an additional charge of $4-6. For overseas buyers, please check with us for the postage. International delivery will only be done on every Wednesday and Saturday.

(4) Do I get a tracking number?
Yes there is a tracking number.

(5) Which postage method should I choose?
Registered postage: Comes with a tracking number, Delivered to door-step.
Courier: Fastest option, usually delivered by the next day, comes with tracking number, Delivered to door-step.

(6) I received my product but it is damaged.
Please send photos of the damage to klusive3@gmail.com with your order number and we will help you.

(7) Do you restock your items?
It depends, some items are very limited hence once sold out, we will not bring in anymore.

(8) I have an item that I would like to purchase but it is not listed on x-Klusive.
Tweet us at @xklusive3 or email to klusive3@gmail.com


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