Posters For SALE

All for instocks!

BoA A4 posters:- SGD10 5 (each) **10 designs to chose from**
BoA A1 posters:- SGD30 20 (each) **3 designs to chose from**
SHINee poster:- SGD5 3 (A4 size)
SNSD/Girl Generation posters:- SGD20 17(A1 size) & SGD5 3(A4 size) & SGD5 (A3 size)

All BoA posters are signed!!

To order, send an email to with

[Subject: Posters
Contact Number:
Amount to pay/ transfer:
Payment Method: POSB/DBS I-Banking
Collection Method: Meet up or Registered Postage or Courier]

Once we receive ur email, a follow up confirmation email will be sent to you.


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